How To Grill Potatoes Foolproof Guide

How To Grill Potatoes Step by Step

How To Grill Potatoes

Perhaps you’ve never thought of  How To Grill Potatoes . However, you should note that if you want some tasty fare for the vegetarians, learning how to grill potatoes is very essential.

Basically, you can either par cook the potatoes and then finish then on a grill or you can cook them from raw on the grill. Whatever the method you opt for, the texture will definitely be great and flavor magnificent. Let us now have a look at the effective tips on  grilling potatoes.

Steps On How To Grill Potatoes In Foil

Here are a few of the many of the effective steps you should put into consideration in your attempt to know how to grill potatoes. They include;



How To Grill Potatoes The guide

Step#1: Thoroughly Cleaning The Potatoes:-

Thoroughly clean the potatoes using warm water and vegetable brush.

Step#2: How To Grill Potatoes Cutting The Aluminum Foil:-

This is another effective step you should be aware of in your attempt to  grill potatoes in foil. Cut an aluminum foil into a one- foot by one- foot or 18- inch by 18- inch square with the foil cutter, which is usually built into the foil box. Then put the piece of aluminum foil flat on a tabletop or counter, while ensuring that one of the corners is closest to you

Step#3:-Horizontally Placing The Potatoes:-

Horizontally place the potatoes approximately four inches away from the corner end closest to you.

Step#4: How To Grill Potatoes Cutting Two Half Inch Thick Butter Pats:-

Cut carefully two  inch thick butter pats. Put underneath the potato one of it and the other one on top.

Step#5:-Sprinkling Spices On The Potatoes:-

Sprinkle some spices on the potatoes. Basically, sprinkling salt will offer a tasty result. However, if you opt for other spices such as garlic, seasoned salt, paprika and parsley, ensure that you add the other flavor elements. It is ideal you ensure that you experiment so that you can know among the flavors which one suit you best.

Step#6: Folding Bottom Corner Of Foil:-

Fold carefully the bottom corner of your foil up over the potatoes and the left and the right corners towards the center of the sheet. Then roll the potatoes and foil it away from you till it reaches the other corner.

Step#7: Pressing The Foil Around The Potatoes:-

Press gently the foil around the potatoes, making sure they are completely covered. If necessary, use another foil piece to cover the large potatoes.

Step#8 :Putting The Potatoes On A Pre Heated Medium Hot Grill:-

Place the potatoes on a pre- heated medium hot grill. Make use of tongs in order to carefully turn your potatoes after every fifteen minutes. After approximately one hour from the time you began the procedure, your potatoes will be done.

Step#9: Unwrapping The Foil:-

Unwrap the foil carefully and then top the potatoes with any of your favorite fixings.

Last but not the least; this are the steps on how to grill potatoes. Ensure that if you want to know how to grill potatoes you make use of the aforementioned tips and tricks. Thank you.

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